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Life is changing very fast and so are our priorities too. People have become more sensitive and have less patience. Tina Seksaria understood the problems of this newly changed world and start guiding accordingly, She is an eminent astrology expert, having a huge knowledge of Vedic astrology and modern astrology too. With the Vedic and Modern astrology, she has expertise in Numerology, Tarot Card Reading, and Vastu Shastra. She has resolved life issues of more than 7500 clients. Most of the times, people come with multiple life problems and she gave them appropriate solutions over their problems. ..

When consulting in the field of numerology, Tina goes beyond simply discussing the client’s birth date. If the client possesses a birth chart or kundli, she incorporates that information into her analysis. By relating the birth chart to numerological principles, Tina offers a comprehensive perspective. She then proceeds to address any confusions the client may have regarding their personality development and the rectification of their numerical positions.

Tina, an astrologer and Vastu consultant in Andheri East, Mumbai, offers guidance that extends beyond numbers alone. She understands the importance of considering various aspects of a client’s life, such as their overall life situation, relationships, career, health, and personal growth. By taking these factors into account, Tina provides invaluable insights and practical suggestions that enable clients to make positive changes.

In addition to her expertise in numerology, Tina harnesses her intuitive abilities to uncover hidden potential and identify untapped opportunities within the client. Her intuitive insights supplement the numerological analysis, providing a more holistic understanding of the client’s unique circumstances.

Through her recommendations and remedies, Tina empowers clients to overcome their weaknesses and amplify their strengths. By combining her analysis of the birth chart with numerological principles, she offers a well-rounded approach that promotes balance, fulfillment, and prosperity in the client’s life.

Tina’s consultancy in numerology is a transformative experience that goes beyond superficial assessments. Her expertise, intuitive prowess, and comprehensive approach enable clients to navigate their life journey with clarity, purpose, and success.


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Crystal Pyramid

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Bronze Pyramid

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Brass Metal Yantra

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