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Why Vastu Consultancy is important for workplace?

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Vastu For Work place By Top Astro Vastu Expert In Mumbai : Why Vastu Consultancy is important for workplace?

Applying Vastu principles tips to your workplace can help enhance productivity and success. Here are some Vastu tips for a workplace by our Astro Vastu Expert Tina:

Direction and Placement:

1-The ideal direction for the entrance of the workplace is the north, south south east and west.
2-Position the owner or manager’s cabin in the southwest, or west direction.
3-Ensure that employees face either north or east while working as it improves focus and concentration.
4-There should be no windows behind the owners chair in office.
5-Avoid irregularly shaped or cramped office spaces.

Office Layout and Design:

1-Maintain a clutter-free and well-organized workspace. A clean and neat environment promotes positive energy flow and efficiency.
2-Position workstations in a way that allows natural light to enter. Well-lit spaces enhance positivity and productivity.
3-Use soothing colors like white, light blue, or green on the walls. Avoid dark and dull colors.
4-Avoid placing mirrors in front of workstations, as they may cause distraction and restlessness.

Furniture and Equipment Placement:

1-Position the owners desk in the southwest corner of the office for maintaining good relationship with the customers.
2-Employees should sit facing north for increased productivity and focus.
3-Keep the finished product int north west direction of the office to attract the customers and increase the sales.

The Puja or Worship Area:

1-Designate a clean and peaceful area for a small puja or worship space. It should be in the northeast direction of the office.
2-Place a statue or picture of a deity that aligns with your beliefs and values.
3-Keep the puja area well-maintained and regularly offer prayers or light a lamp to create positive vibrations.

Plants and Greenery:

1-Incorporate plants in your workspace, especially in the northeast and east directions. Plants bring freshness, positivity, and improve air quality.
2-Avoid placing thorny or artificial plants in the office, as they may disrupt the flow of positive energy.
3-Keep Money plant in South east corner to attract goddess Laxhmi.

Eliminate Negativity:
Some common vastu tips for work place by Astro Vastu Expert Tina from Mumbai:

1- There should be no windows behind owners chair or any kind of spritual images as it not auspicious and brings instability in career growth.
2- Use maximum wooden furniture in office as it represents east direction and increases social connections.
3- Try to keep heavy electronic items in the south east corner of the office for better working and cash flow and remove all the negativity.

Remember, Vastu principles are guidelines that aim to create a harmonious environment. While implementing Vastu for your workplace, it’s essential to prioritize practicality and functionality without compromising the overall design and functionality of your office space.

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