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Life is changing very fast and so are our priorities too. People have become more sensitive and have less patience. Tina Seksaria understood the problems of this newly changed world and start guiding accordingly, She is an eminent astrology expert, having a huge knowledge of Vedic astrology and modern astrology too.With the Vedic and Modern astrology, she has expertise in Numerology, Tarot Card Reading, and Vastu Shastra. She has resolved life issues of more than 7500 clients. Most of the times, people come with multiple life problems and she gave them appropriate solutions over their problems.

Tina, an astrologer and numerologist in Mumbai, has dedicated a significant amount of time studying astrology, specifically focusing on the relationship between career and birth charts. She has noticed that many individuals, particularly those in middle age or the younger generation, often experience significant concerns and stress related to their careers.

When communicating through birth charts, Tina’s expertise lies in her ability to analyze various aspects of a person during the whole life. She pays close attention to planetary positions, their aspects, degrees, conjunctions, and the houses in which they are located. By thoroughly examining these elements, she aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges individuals are facing.

Tina’s expertises thoroughness and attention to detailed study when interpreting charts. She goes beyond making general predictions and takes the time to explain the specific factors influencing a person’s situation. For instance, she considers the current positions of the planets in transit at the time of consultation. This allows her to provide a more accurate estimation of the time it may take to resolve a particular issue. She doesn’t simply provide arbitrary timelines like “your work will be completed in two years” or “within a year.” Instead, she carefully analyzes the planetary positions and explains the reasons behind the expected timeframe.

Tina’s approach is based on the belief that each individual’s situation is unique, and the alignment of planets at a given time plays a significant role in determining the outcomes. She emphasizes that her expertise lies in reading charts and providing detailed insights rather than giving generalized predictions. By focusing on the specific details of a person’s birth chart and considering the current planetary positions, Tina aims to offer a deeper understanding of the challenges individuals are facing and the potential timelines for resolution.


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