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In Hindu culture, marriage is considered one of life’s most auspicious events. It’s a sacred union that binds two souls together for eternity. But did you know there’s an ancient science that can help ensure marital compatibility and a long-lasting, happy marriage? It’s called marriage matching astrology or kundali matching.

What is Marriage Matching Astrology (Kundali Matching)?

Marriage matching astrology (also known as kundali matching) is the process of analyzing the astrological birth charts (kundalis) of a prospective bride and groom to determine their compatibility. It takes into account the positions of planets, stars, and other celestial bodies at the time of birth for each partner.

The goal is to identify any astrological doshas (faults) or evident incompatibilities that could make married life challenging. It helps ensure the couple is well-suited for a fulfilling, harmonious union.

Why is Marriage Matching Important?

In Indian culture, marriage matching holds great importance because:

– Marriage is regarded as the most important phase of life

– Compatibility between partners is essential for a happy, successful marriage 

– It helps avoid potential marriage problems caused by astrological incompatibilities

– Makes the sacred union more auspicious and blessed

Respecting astrological factors ensures the couple is naturally inclined to understand each other’s nature and tendencies. This promotes marital peace and togetherness.

What Factors are Analyzed in Marriage Matching Astrology?

Experienced astrologers like Astro Tina analyze various factors when matching kundalis, including:

– Ashtakoota System: This system has 8 points (“kootas”) like Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot, and Nadi. Each is scored to determine overall compatibility.

– Rasis (Moon Signs): The innate natures of the boy and girl based on their rasis (e.g. Aries, Taurus) are matched. Some rasi pairings are more compatible than others.

– Nakshatras (Birth Stars): Each person’s nakshatra at birth carries unique qualities that impact compatibility.

– Dasha Periods: The dasha (planetary period) active at the time of marriage indicates challenges the couple may face.

– Manglik Dosh: Precautions are taken if either partner is considered a Manglik (mars-afflicted).

– And many more factors depending on the astrologer and regional traditions.

Benefits of Marriage Matching By Date of Birth

There are numerous advantages to having your marriage matched by an expert astrologer like Astro Tina:

– Identifies strengths and potential areas of concern in your relationship

– Suggests powerful remedies to offset any astrological doshas (faults)  

– Helps select an auspicious muhurat (astrological date/time) for the wedding

– Brings peace of mind knowing your union is celestially approved

– Increases the chances of a loving, successful, long-lasting marriage

– Prevents future hardships and disharmony caused by astrological incompatibilities

Astro Tina - Renowned Astrologer for Marriage Matching

Astro Tina is a highly respected and sought-after astrologer with over 15 years of experience in marriage matching astrology. Her deep intuitive abilities and expertise in Vedic astrology and ancient predictive techniques like Parashar Paddhati make her uniquely qualified. 

Astro Tina takes a compassionate, holistic approach to every kundali matching case. She carefully studies the intricacies of the astrological charts and energies involved. This allows her to provide personalized guidance and simple yet powerful remedial solutions.

Her services have helped countless couples achieve marital bliss by avoiding marriage problems and disharmonies. Tina’s ultimate aim is the complete well-being and spiritual upliftment of her clients.

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What to Expect from Tina's Marriage Matching Services

When you consult Astro Tina for marriage matching by date of birth, you can expect:

– Comprehensive analysis of both kundalis (birth charts)

– Detailed assessment report outlining astrological compatibility factors

– An auspicious muhurat (date & time) for the marriage ceremony

– Personalized guidance and remedies to reduce any marriage doshas

– Follow-up consultations to ensure smooth progression of the matched union

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People Also Ask

There is no single "best" rashi (moon sign) for marriage matching. Rashi compatibilities depend on the unique astrological charts of the prospective bride and groom being matched. An experienced astrologer considers all factors before determining a good rashi pairing.

Most astrologers recommend the husband be between 2-5 years older than the wife for optimal marital harmony and stability. An age gap beyond 10 years in either direction is often cautioned against as it can indicate astrological incompatibilities or life expectancy mismatches.

For sacred marriage unions blessed by the cosmos, consult the unparalleled expertise of Tina Seksaria. As a compassionate and highly skilled astrologer with unwavering spiritual values, she will guide you towards a fulfilling, prosperous married life.