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Harnessing Astrological Wisdom: Adhik Maas Insights by Astro Vastu Expert Tina from Planet Power, Mumbai

Adhik Maas Insights by Astro Vastu Expert Tina from Planet Power, Mumbai

In the ever-turning wheel of the Hindu lunar calendar, a rare celestial event graces us every 32.5 months – the “Adhik Maas” or “Purushottam Maas.” This sacred interlude is not just a pause in time, but a golden opportunity for spiritual seekers to dive deep into their practices, guided by the celestial insights of astrologer and vastu consultant in andheri east mumbai

Rooted in ancient wisdom, Adhik Maas holds the promise of amplified spiritual growth, benevolence, and penance. The veil between the mortal realm and the divine thins during this ethereal month, allowing us to harness celestial energies for our betterment.

Astro Vastu Expert Tina imparts invaluable insights that bridge astrology, spirituality, and Vastu, paving the way for a harmonious existence. Within this cosmic embrace, Tina recommends a tapestry of rituals and offerings that hold the key to unlocking a world of blessings:

Embracing the Peepal Tree

The majestic Peepal tree, an abode of deities and spirits, becomes our spiritual compass during Adhik Maas. By adorning its trunk with vibrant threads and tinkling trinkets, we invite protection and growth into our lives. This tree, believed to cradle Lord Vishnu in its shade, becomes a conduit for spiritual transcendence.

Rituals and Offerings

Amidst the dappled shade of the Peepal tree, rituals come to life. Lighting incense, offering fruits and sacred leaves, and circumambulating the tree in a gesture of devotion, all create a sacred symphony that resonates with cosmic vibrations.

Ancestral Reverence

As twilight descends, a humble diya illuminates the roots of the Peepal tree. This act is more than mere symbolism – it’s a heartfelt connection to our forebears, expressing gratitude and seeking their eternal blessings.

Tulsi’s Grace

Holy Basil, the revered Tulsi plant, becomes a beacon of purity. Worshiping Tulsi aligns our mind, body, and soul, purifying us from within. In nurturing Tulsi, we embrace a tangible connection with the divine.

As the moon waxes and wanes, some Chandra Dosha remedies . Feeding a cow with rice and yogurt on the new moon day of Adhik Maas is believed to mitigate the adverse effects of Chandra Dosha, restoring balance to our celestial energies.

Beyond the rituals, these practices offer profound philosophical insights. Gazing upon the Peepal tree, we’re reminded of our interconnectedness with all life forms. The flickering diya symbolizes the triumph of knowledge over ignorance, and the perennial growth of Tulsi embodies the resilience of the human spirit.

It’s important to remember that these practices are conduits for personal transformation, deeply intertwined with cultural beliefs. Expert Tina reminds us that while we follow these traditions with reverence, our journey is one of personal choice, reflecting our unique beliefs and aspirations.

So, as Adhik Maas dawns upon us, let us embrace the wisdom bestowed by Astro Vastu Expert Tina, allowing our spirits to soar amidst the cosmic dance, and our lives to be enriched by the symphony of the universe.

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