Planet Power

Know your favourite Dates, Days or colour this 2024

planet power

In a world adorned with the brilliance of numbers, our lives unfold as a cosmic equation shaped by numerical frequencies. Beyond their mathematical essence, numbers hold mystical significance, influencing destinies and guiding us through the tapestry of time.

You will surely succeed in whatever you do. The new year will bring both financial stability and better health. The astro vastu experts ASTROTINA suggest that people born under destiny number 8 should focus on developing their inner strength and self-discipline during this year.

It is the absolute best time for financial gains. The Number 8 is also linked closely with power, authority, and leadership, profit,gains as in numerology 8 number ruled by Saturn. In Astrologically Saturn governs house 10 and 11 in kaal purush kundli which shows gains and profits, according to vastu Saturn governs west direction.

If you are yearning for a more personal prediction than horoscopes (which puts you into one of 12 star signs) numerology could be the answer.

Numerology is based on your unique date of birth –  the day, the month and the year. And, it is easy to understand.

Whether we like it or not maths ultimately makes everything work. From programmes on our phones to the science of the universe, the stars, the moon and life on earth.

 Here mumbai based Astrologer, VASTU expert or numerologist ASTROTINA will share the lucky number of this year according to Zodiac

Aries: 9 lucky number 

 Aries people are very courageous and energetic.  The lucky number for Aries people in the year 2024 is 9.  The new year is going to be very challenging for you.  You may also have to struggle.  In such a situation, using number 9 judiciously can change your luck.

Lucky Dates-9,27,28

Lucky day- Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Monday

Lucky colour – Red

Taurus: 6 lucky number 

Taurus people are of calm and stable nature.  The lucky number for Taurus people in the year 2024 is 6.  The new year may bring challenges for you in financial matters.  Be careful in money transactions and use the number 6 as much as possible. 

Lucky Dates-6,14,24

Lucky Days- Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Lucky colour -White, blue, pink

 Gemini: 5 lucky number 

 Gemini people adapt themselves to any situation and are full of curiosity about everything.  The lucky number for Gemini people in the year 2024 is 5.  You will get new and exciting opportunities.  In such a situation, number 5 is going to prove very lucky for you.

Lucky Dates-5,14,23

Lucky Days- Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 

Lucky colour -green, yellow, orange ,blue

Cancer: 5 lucky number 

 The new year is going to bring sweetness and overall progress in relationships for Cancer people.  The lucky number for Cancer people in the year 2024 is 5.  This number will be very auspicious for you. 

Lucky Dates 2,11,20,22,34

Lucky Days-  Monday, Sunday, Thursday

Lucky colour cream, White

 Leo: 1. Lucky number 

Leo people have good leadership abilities.  They have a lot of energy.  But to get proper results of your hard work, you have to use your lucky number 1 judiciously.

Lucky Dates 1,2,9,14,2119,

Lucky Days- Sunday, Monday, Wednesday

Lucky colour Red,orange, golden, Red

Virgo: 3 lucky number 

Virgo people do not lack talent but lack self-confidence.  Use your lucky number 3 to boost your confidence this year.  You will see how these numbers will make your work easier and you will get proper results.  

Lucky Dates-3,6,9,12,15,21,23

Lucky Days- Wednesday, Sunday, Friday ,

Lucky colour -green, olive green, golden ,blue, beige 

Libra: 7 lucky number 

Libra people have a lot of attractions.  People easily trust them because they are true to their words.  If Libra people use their lucky number 7 properly in 2024, they will benefit a lot.

Lucky Dates-6,11,22,29,35

Lucky Days-friday, Wednesday, Saturday 

Lucky colour – pink, white, green, blue

 Scorpio 8 lucky number 

 People are people who like change and not stability.  They also have a lot of self-confidence.  The lucky number for Scorpio people in the year 2024 is 8.  If you use this number correctly, there will be destiny changing changes. 

Lucky Dates 4,8,13,

Lucky Days- Tuesday, Saturday 

Lucky colour -black,blue,red

Sagittarius: 4 lucky number 

Sagittarius people are of a fickle nature.  Haste in taking decisions.  The lucky number for Sagittarius people in the year 2024 is 4.  Take decisions with confidence and instead of hasty decisions, take decisions after thinking a little, then the result will be fate-changing.

Lucky Dates-7,12,21,3,

Lucky Days- Thursday, Monday 

Lucky colour Red, orange, Yellow 

Capricorn: 10 lucky number 

 Capricorn people are very ambitious.  But the problem with them is that their goals keep changing.  Set the right goals and use your lucky number 10 properly.  You will benefit a lot.  

Lucky Dates 4,8,17

Lucky Days- Saturday, Thursday 

Lucky colour Brown, chocolate, mud brown, gray

Aquarius: 11 lucky number 

The lucky number for Aquarius people in the year 2024 is 11.  You should go for some stability, do not rush, trust your self-confidence and take decisions thoughtfully.  Use your lucky number 11 wisely.  These numbers can change your destiny.  

Lucky Date 3,7,11,22

Lucky Days- Thursday, Saturday, 

Lucky colour green, blue, purple 

Pisces: 22 lucky number

 Pisces people are very imaginative.  They like to make their dreams come true.  For this they also have immense energy.  The lucky number for Pisces people in the year 2024 is 22.  While using your imagination and energy, also use your lucky number, see how much benefit you get.

Lucky Dates 3,7,12,21,29

Lucky Days- Thursday, Sunday, Monday 

Lucky colour  blue, purple, sea green