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Vastu Tips based on Colours

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, suggests the use of specific colors in different areas of a home or office to create a harmonious and positive environment. Here are some Vastu tips for colors:

North: The ideal colors for the north direction are shades of green and blue. These colors promote growth, prosperity, and career advancement. Avoid using dark oar dull colors in this area.

East: The east direction is associated with new beginnings and vitality. Opt for lighter shades of green, blue, or yellow in this area. These colors bring in positive energy and enhance creativity.

West: The west direction signifies social connections and creativity. Use earthy tones like light yellow, beige, white or light brown in this area. These colors promote harmonious relationships and a sense of stability.

South: The south direction is associated with passion, energy, and fame. Choose vibrant and bold colors like red, orange, or pink to enhance these qualities. However, avoid using these colors excessively as they may create an overwhelming atmosphere.

Northeast: The northeast direction represents spiritual growth and knowledge. Use white or light shades of yellow in this area to create a serene and peaceful ambiance. These colors help in concentration and meditation.

Northwest: The northwest direction signifies helpful people and travel. Opt for pastel shades of gray, or white in this area. These colors promote helpfulness, openness, and smooth communication.

Southeast: The southeast direction is associated with wealth and prosperity. Choose warm colors like red, orange, or pink to activate the energy of abundance. However, avoid using these colors excessively, as they may lead to restlessness.

Southwest: The southwest direction represents stability, strength, and relationships. Use earthy tones like brown, dark yellow, or shades of gray in this area. These colors create a grounded and nurturing atmosphere.

Remember, these Vastu tips for colors are general guidelines, and personal preferences should also be considered. It’s important to maintain a balance and harmony while selecting colors for your living or working space.